Mozart Art Studios Limited

I am a portrait painting artist. I have been working for 6 years for Mozart Art Studios Limited.

The company has a high quality network of portrait artists. It was always very pleasant to work for them, and I received my payments in time. The company received orders over their internet page After 6 years with them I decided to move on, because after all, I can now make a higher income by my own means. I will create a webpage as well, and will try to do the same as Mozart Art Studios Limited did, but with higher prices. For portrait painters that have insufficient work, but are able to deliver high quality oil paintings, I suggest to contact the Management of Mozart Art Studios. Usually, they will give you a trial order, and if you delivery museum quality, you can remain in their network. I think they are the market leaders in the USA, and they really receive lots of orders, so it might be a good step forward for any talented portrait painting artists.


Tony Smith

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